Mike Onslow 07/03/2017 Ansta,

Last Friday saw the first Ansta Grand Prix at Anglia Karting in Ipswich.

We work hard for our customers all year round and this was an opportunity for some team bonding and to let off some steam. Five of the Ansta team competed in a series of three 12 lap races, with the winner of each heat being decided by the fastest lap time.

The first race was won by David with a time of 22.991 seconds, with Mike taking the second and third heats setting a best time in the final race of 21.527. The full results of each race can be seen below:

Race 1

David 22.991
Mike 23.010
Loki 23.584
Carl 24.168
Paul 24.502

Race 2

Mike 22.103
Paul 22.424
Loki 22.521
David 22.973
Carl 23.838

Race 3

Mike 21.527
David 22.024
Loki 22.078
Paul 22.544
Carl 23.009

To put our mediocrity into context, the top 10 fastest times of the week were all sub-20 seconds, with the fastest racer Morgan setting an unbelievable time of 20.184 seconds, well clear of the chasing bunch.

Anglia Karting provided some interesting graphs and charts too, showing each driver's positions throughout the race as well as a detailed breakdown of times per lap.

After the racing we headed to local eatery The Beagle for some well-earned food.

Anglia Karting


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