Interaction with customers is one of the most important aspects of running a business, and this does not lessen when websites are concerned. Feedback from the actions of visitors to your site give a massive amount of information on what design features are working, what customers are most interested in, and how effectively the website is pushing visitors past the initial page they see (Click-Through-Rate, or ‘CTR’). This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes in.


CRM refers to the strategies, technologies, and general ways a business will go about analysing the interactions customers have with a website, and the company, during the period they are involved with it. They will then use this data to increase sales and more effectively customise the website towards the custom it is receiving. These methods can seriously benefit a company, simply by either increasing the likelihood a potential customer stays on the website, and therefore increasing the chances of a sale; or bringing in new customers through an interface that is geared towards that specific demographic. Using modern software, CRM can now be incorporated into websites, and significantly improve their productivity.


CRM Software

Nowadays, there is a multitude of software that does most of the heavy lifting for you. Modern CRM software can now compile customer data, and predict future trends and outcomes for the future with a relatively high reliability. Called predictive analytics, this feature allows a business to analyse the possible risks and opportunities presented for extra sales or growth, based on customers’ pathways through the website, and buying patterns. It allows websites to do what cannot be done manually - collect vast amounts of data, and draw conclusions that may increase a website’s profit. Predictive analytics show the incredible extent to which CRM software has developed to help a business, but it is simply one part of the overall package.

The other main feature of CRM software is the ability to personalise customer service to suit it to the customer that is enquiring on your website. By tracking users movements throughout the site, along with their search history, the software will help create specialised landing pages that the customer will arrive on, tailored to that person. This increases the CTR, and helps drive sales.


This all sounds great, but is it all that effective? Well, according to VStacks Infotech, implementing CRM software and strategies increases the customer retention rate of your business by 27%. This is a huge number when considering larger scale companies, and keeping paying customers loyal to your brand drastically improves profit.


It is pretty clear that customer relations are an integral part of running a website, so various forms of CRM should definitely be considered. Whether it is a better customer experience, or simply increasing the likelihood of a customer remaining loyalty - the plethora of business opportunities gained make it invaluable.


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