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Your logo is a crucially important part of your business. In many cases, it defines the rest of your branding and marketing presence, from your website and social media channels, to business cards and vehicle liveries. Having a logo that stands out and that is instantly recognisable can be a big asset, so it’s worth spending time (and money) getting it right.

We love trying out new technologies here at Ansta and recently I’ve been getting to grips with Adobe After Effects, a fantastically powerful tool for bringing static imagery to life and creating a whole host of beautiful effects. A quick search on YouTube will show some of the amazing things that some talented individuals can do, but for me just learning the software I wanted to start simple, so began playing around with the Ansta logo. Below is a (very) basic example of the sort of thing you can achieve in an hour or so with After Effects:

Here’s a brief run through of how I got to this stage:

  • Open the up the Ansta logo in Adobe Illustrator and ensure that different elements are broken up into the right layers. In this example, I needed the text to be separate from the icon.
  • Import the AI file into After Effects as a new composition and “Create shapes from vector layer”. This creates “outline” layers from the originals that can be properly manipulated.
  • Ensure that the box for “3D Layer” is ticked for all layers, so that we can utilise the 3D functionality
  • Add some extrusion to my layers, I went for 50 as a value.
  • Add a couple of lights to the scene. I opted for one spot light, which is used to pan across the logo and an ambient light so that areas outside of the spot light aren’t in complete darkness.
  • Create a keyframe at 5 seconds and add 360 degrees of rotation at that frame for the icon of the logo, meaning that the icon spins a full rotation over that 5 second period
  • Create a keyframe at 2.5 seconds and move the spot light horizontally across the logo, then back again between there and the 5 second mark

Essentially, that’s all there is to it in this case. This is one of the most basic examples of what you can do, but taking up just an hour or so, you can imagine what can be achieved with the proper collection of skills and time.


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