In a past article, we described the vast benefits of utilising social media as a platform to push your business to the masses. Of all of the options, one of the most beneficial was Facebook, currently the largest channel out there. Employing Facebook into your marketing strategy can immediately provide a way to push your content out into a huge network of users, and it is incredibly simple to start a page for your business. If, however, you don’t know how to build a page, look no further - we’ve created a comprehensive guide into the steps you need to take, and in the future will show you how to schedule posts, view insights and manage your page.


Building The Page


  1. 1. The first step is to access Facebook’s business area of their site, which allows you to begin your page that is geared towards advertising and optimisation of the audience. To find this area, follow this link:



 The screen you will begin creating your page with.


2. Now it will give you six different options to choose from, with each describing a different sector or type of business you will operate in. Choose the one best suited to you and fill in the address to move on.


 Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.28.29.png

The address form that will be shown when a business option is clicked.


It really is as simple as that! You now have your basic, templated page, with various areas that can be personalised to your preferences. So now that the foundations are in place, you can begin to really build your page to suit your goals before you begin to advertise it.


Designing Your Page


Your page is now created, with simply the name of your business and nothing else. It is now up to you to begin adding all the details that a good business page consists of. You’ll want to begin by adding a description, and both a cover and profile picture. This will add authenticity to the page, and is the most important step in the setup.




This is your templated page, ready to be customised.

Now you must ensure that you include all the necessary information about your business that a potential customer may require. This includes:


  • A button to allow visitors to access your website/shop/subscription page

  • Opening hours

  • Full address

  • Contact information

  • Business details and services

  • A username for the page

  • Any business-specific bits of information that may help any visitors, such as a menu if you are a restaurant

You are now ready to go! You can invite friends using the invite column, and begin to push your page out there to the masses. In future posts, we will discuss how you can now utilise Facebook Ads, including scheduled posts and a few interesting tricks to professionalise your posts.


So now all that is left is to begin your new advertising journey, and enjoy all the rewards it brings! Social media is the most accessible, yet one of the most effective, platforms available to your business right now - to learn more, take a look at our other article to discover how a non-profit business can make money from social media.


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