Mike Onslow 03/04/2017 Ansta,

Friday evening saw Ansta hit the lanes as the team went head to head at Sudbury’s Strikes bowling alley. The competition was fierce with one or two dark horses emerging as genuine pin-splitters, leading to two close games, but with one clear winner.

The first game saw everyone finding their feet. Many of us hadn’t bowled for some years and were very rusty, so it took a few frames to get warmed up. By the halfway point, it was a clear fight for the lead with Paul out in front and David hot on his heels, with the rest of the team battling it out for third. The game eventually finished with Paul victorious, the full scores being:

Paul: 127
David: 115
Mike: 96
Ashleigh: 82
Loki: 80
Carl: 66

The second round was a whole different ball game. With everyone now warmed up, the scores were far more impressive (except for me, I was awful). Again though, Paul was the one to beat and it soon became apparent that no one was going to catch him. It took until the 9th and penultimate frame for him to fail to knock down all the pins, getting a strike or a spare on every single other one of his goes, finishing as the clear and deserved winner.

Elsewhere, a four-way fight for second was emerging, with Carl eventually earning the title of “most improved”, pipping the others to the post. The full scores for the second game were as follows:

Paul: 153
Carl: 109
Loki: 104
Ashleigh: 100
David: 100
Mike: 67

The less said about my performance in the second game, the better…


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