Mike Onslow 08/06/2017

So, you’ve got a big idea. You’ve come up with something that sure is going to be the next big thing, that’s going to make waves – but how do you realise your vision and turn it into something concrete?

The best ideas often come from necessity. Individuals finding a gap in their lives or the lives of others and coming up with a way to fix it. Unfortunately, turning these ideas into reality can be a lengthy and sometimes expensive process, which is where MVPs come in.

An MVP is a Minimum Viable Product. It’s a proof of concept that is built to demonstrate the potential of an idea, without developing a fully-fledged system or item. This means that it’s a more cost-effective and quicker procedure and whilst you won’t get a full-functional product at the end of it, you will have something that can work to the minimum degree acceptable to demonstrate the potential of the finished article.

An MVP can be used to show potential investors your idea better than you can maybe explain in person. This display can then be used to attract financial backing, which would then allow you to pursue a full and complete build of the finished product.

It could also give you the chance to exhibit your product to potential customers or a focus group, enable you to adapt and change it without incurring massive re-development costs that you might otherwise face with a finished product.

Having an MVP developed is a great way to get your ideas of the ground. It helps turn your idea into some form of reality without having to back it with your hard-earned savings. Aside from that it also gives you a good testing platform from which to receive feedback and gives you a better understanding of what your finished product needs to be.

We’ve built a number of MVP solutions for clients in the startup sector so if you’ve got a great idea, but not sure how to pursue it, get in touch today.


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