Mike Onslow 06/10/2016 Security,

 Email scams are not new, we all get them, often multiple times a day, but this particular one has recently been catching my eye and after being asked about it for not the first time, I decided that I should address it.

The screenshot below may or may not look familiar to you, but it's an email that has been doing the round a lot and one that has actually been going around for over 2 years now. The email arrives from "Domain Service" with the deceptive subject of, for example ansta.co.uk Expiration. "Oh no", many people think, "My domain is going to expire meaning my website will disappear." WRONG.

This email comes from the "Domain SEO Service Registration Corp", which I doubt is a real thing. What they are really trying to do is get you to send them $64 in exchange for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services, although again, I doubt this would actually happen if you did.

Using words like "IMPORTANT NOTICE", "EXPIRATION", "ACT IMMEADIATELY" and "Domain Name", often capitalised and bold, have the effect of making you think that your website is about to expire, something which causes you to panic and pay them without reading on.

If you actually read to the end of the email and check the small grey text at the bottom, you will see that they clarify that they are an SEO company, that this is not a bill and that you are under no obligation to take any notice of this email whatsoever. Presumably adding this at the end means they can get away with this blatant and brazen attempt to part you of your hard earned money.

Please discard this email, put it in your junk folder and mark it as spam. The people behind it will claim that they are just trying to sell SEO services but it is so cleverly worded that you probably wouldn't realise that until you've stumped up the money.

IMPORTANT: If Ansta control your domain name, it will always be automatically renewed unless we are advised otherwise. We will never let your domain name expire unless you have instructed us to, so relax, we've got you covered!



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