Top The Lot is a Gambling Commission approved gaming site which offers players the chance to win money by playing fun and enjoyable "Spin a Coin", "Roll a Dice" and "Top the Lot" games or integrated third party casino games.

Ansta were approached to design and build all three games as well as the website to house them, which had to be completely secure in order to be approved by the Gambling Commission.


In order to partake in this project, Ansta had to become certified by the Gambling Commission and became one of the few web and app development companies in the country legally allowed to do so. As a result, Ansta are now one of the UK's only development houses to hold a Gambling Commission Software Operating Licence

Compliance Testing - 5 Million tests!

The games work on a random number generator and to ensure that it passes strict complaince from the Gambling Commission the random number generator needed to be tested over 5 Million times by an authorised test house.

The Games

The three games are Spin a Coin, Roll a Dice and Top the Lot. We also integrated a third party live casino system.

Spin a Coin

The selling point of this game is that every player has a 50/50 chance of winning. Essentially the flipping of a coin, gamers either pick heads or tails, choose their stake and click "SPIN". They can stop the coing at any time or wait 30 seconds for it to stop automatically. If they guessed correctly then they win, otherwise their bet amount is lost.

In terms of design, the key was to make a game that would be simple and easy to use, not confusing players and allowing those on all devices to easily play. The client was very insistent on lots of bright, bold colours and flashes.

The screen focuses primarily on the coin itself, with the players remaining time positioned in the top right of the screen and other controls, including the ability to close the game, guidelines on how to play and a list of recent bets to the top left. Having all these things on the screen, as well as the logos across the bottom were requirements of the Gambling Commission.

The visuals for the game were built using javascript with PHP being used to ensure that the results of the game were completely random and that no one could cheat the system or influence the outcome.

Spin a Coin

Roll a Dice

The Roll a Dice game is essentially the same as Spin a Coin, but re-skinned to resemble a die. This game provided a much more challenging design process in order to create and animate a realistic looking 3D cube for the die. As with Spin a Coin there is a 50/50 chance of winning with players selecting 3 out of the 6 possible outcomes for their bet, before rolling the die and winning if any of those numbers are the result.

An added "shake" stage before the roll was included to recreate the actually rolling of dice as if the player were shaking before throwing.

Roll a Dice

Top the Lot

Top The Lot is the headline game for the site and much more involved than the other games on offer. Whilst essentially a traditional "higher or lower" card game, there are many additional features included to make it a truly unique experience for players.

Players start by choosing their starter card and some swap cards from the deck.  The game is then split up into a number of different levels and stages. Players start with just one "higher or lower" choice, before moving on to a mini-game. The mini-games are a single spin or throw of the Spin a Coin and Roll a Dice games and are a chance for the player to earn extra points. These appear between every level.

Regardless of the result of the mini-game, the player moves onto the next round where they must now player higher or lower against more cards before another mini-game round, should they make it that far. This process continues with more cards being added each round. Players can also take advantage of their "Swap Cards" which allow them to switch out the card in play for a different one - particularly useful for 7s!

The purpose of the aim is to amass as many points as possible before "sticking" to take your place on the leaderboard. If players lose all their lives before sticking then their score is not counted, so the key is knowing when to play and when to stick. At the end of each tournament, the users with the highest scores in the shortest amounts of time are the winners.

With all the extra logic required, this game required a lot of development in order to be functional and new features are being added all the time. Due to the sheer amount of elements on the screen at certain times in the game, making the game playable on mobile devices was an ongoing challenge and one that we will be looking to revisit in future in order to improve.

Top the Lot

Live Casino

In addition to the 3 native games, we also implemented a third party live casino system. Whilst the video, games and results are all controlled externally, we still had to integrate it into the site in a way that made it seem native and managing the financial side of it via the Top the Lot website.

The Website

The website itself performs a number of tasks. The client needed to be able to control users, wallets, game settings, tournaments and the usual static website pages, so we built a custom content management system in order to help them achieve these tasks.

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